Saturday, 11 February 2012

January 2012 - Peckforton & Beeston

The first quiz of 2012 saw the largest assembly of teams to date with 11 of the 12 teams playing this year all present. Only Wistaston couldn't be with us on the 20th of January. The night's scores can be seen in the previous post. 

Our venue was Peckforton Village Room, home of Peckforton & Beeston, where the hospitality was warm and friendly.  

A special "thank you" to Diana Cieluch, Penny Shearer and all the Peckforton & Beeston team for their great efforts on the night.
Peter Watson's rounds of questions this time were as follows:-

Current Affairs
Where on Earth?
A Rose by any Other Name
Are there 10 Famous Belgians?
Kings & Queens
Hobbies, Pastimes and Trades

One or two of Peter's questions did spark some debate on the night as to what was acceptable as an answer. One of the (clearly more than 10) famous Belgians, Adolphe Sax, sparked some spelling discussions, as did the precise meanings of Sensei and Stenographer in the Hobbies, Pastimes and Trades round. 

Peter's pronouncements after the game confirmed that Sax or Saxe was an acceptable surname, but Saxo was not - that being a small Citroen car as far as I can remember...

Sensei also needed some mention of Teacher / Instructor to get a point (no particular Martial Arts context was required) whilst a Stenographer writes in shorthand by a variety of means, thus the word "shorthand" is the crucial bit. 

The scores have been adjusted to reflect Peter's comments, but they don't actually change the result, with Upton being victorious on the night with Croft second. Congratulations to all concerned!

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