Sunday, 2 December 2012

New Season - 2012/13

You will have noticed that many of these posts are being made some considerable time after the event they refer to has taken place. I can only claim that I was busy elsewhere, and what a feeble excuse it is!

I will now try and get things up to date and do my best to keep them that way. I can but try, anyway!

For 2012/13, we lost a couple of teams, at least for this season, due to team members being engaged with other issues and not being able to raise a team on a regular basis. The two teams were Darnhall and Wistaston who we hope to see again in the future. They are of course very welcome to return at any point. 

That means we have 10 teams for the 2012/13 season who are:-

Bulkeley & Ridley
North Rode
Peckforton & Beeston

And so to the first game of the season on 19 October 2012, hosted by Peckforton & Beeston...

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