Saturday, 23 March 2013

March 2013 - Warmingham (played at Church Minshull)

Anyone who would like to know when the weather is most likely to be very cold and snowy need do little more than check when the Cheshire Village Quiz is due to be played!

Once again the last two days have seen very variable weather across the county with some areas being very badly affected by the snow and others much less so. Friday's forecasts from a variety of sources were less than conclusive as to what the weather was due to serve up, so the quiz went ahead, and very successfully as it turned out. 

8 out the 10 teams attended. Alvanley had notified that they would not be present sometime before which meant that ultimately just Malpas were not with us at the quiz due to the snow at their location and genuine concerns about getting out from there and home again later. 

Luckily, Church Minshull was remarkably snow-free. Warmingham were our hosts and due to a double booking at Warmingham Village Hall, Church Minshull Village Hall came to the rescue. Another double booking almost occurred, but fortunately the Pilates class was finishing just as we were about to start!

The questions were of a testing standard but very entertaining, kicking off with the now traditional Current Affairs round. Rounds on Animals / Shapes and JB (being the initials of a person who was the answer to the question) followed in the first half. 

Following an excellent supper of various cottage pies (including a vegetarian version) and trifle, the second half questions were Petrolheads (about motor cars etc), Classics (Greek and Roman questions but with a modern connotation) and Twitchers (names of birds being a major feature). 

Ultimately, Upton won on the night with an amazing 58 points out of 60, North Rode were second with 55 and Bulkeley & Ridley were third with 50

Many thanks are due to Naomi Higson and all at Warmingham who provided such excellent hospitality and entertainment. A special mention should be made also of our Question Master and Scorer, Ray and Sue Hill, who did an excellent job and wrapped up the quiz just as the clock turned 9.30pm. An eye was being kept on the weather and Jim Bradley would have been proud of such fine time-keeping. 

Thanks again to Warmingham and see you all next month. 

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