Thursday, 30 May 2013

May 2013 - Final Round at Bickerton...

The final game of the 2012/13 season saw us gather at Bickerton Village Hall, thanks to our hosts for the evening Bulkeley & Ridley. 

Finally, there was no snow / ice / rain etc, and it was even daylight for a fair portion of the quiz!

9 out the 10 teams attended with Alvanley being the only team that could not be with us. 

The questions certainly caused a bit of head-scratching amongst my team (our strengths probably sit elsewhere), but they were very good indeed. The usual Current Affairs round was followed by rounds on At the Off-Licence (drinks-related) and The Acid Test (all about acids as you might imagine). 

Following some very nice sandwiches and cakes, the second half questions were The World's Heritage (about World Heritage Sites), Nobility (Nobel Prizes) and Connections (a variety of questions with shipping forecast areas being the connection). 

Ultimately, Croft won on the night with an excellent 50 points out of 60, Bulkeley & Ridley were second with 49 and Upton were third with 48

Many thanks are due to Idina Hastings and all at Bulkeley & Ridley who provided such excellent hospitality and a fun evening out.  

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