Thursday, 19 April 2012

Quiz Accounts - March 2012

Here are the latest accounts for this year - thanks to Dave Cummerson from Croft - showing us still in credit to the tune of £225.96.

As we are looking set to have a healthy reserve at the end of the season, does anyone have any suggestions as to how we may best spend the money? 

Prizes of some sort were always awarded in the past, usually in the form of book tokens etc, or donations to worthy causes could be made?

All suggestions gratefully received, let the debate begin! 

Standings to end March 2012...

The Cheshire Village Quiz is run on a cumulative points basis, so here are the standings to date after 5 rounds, just 2 rounds to go...

Croft now have a healthy 9 point lead on North Rode with Darnhall and Upton just 5 points behind North Rode in joint third.
See you next month of the 20th of April at Alvanley...

March 2012 - Warmingham

The 23rd of March saw all 12 teams assemble for the first time this season at Warmingham Village Hall for what turned out to be an unusual, but enjoyable evening!

We almost had the first ever "quiz without questions" when Peter Watson's questions for this month were left behind in Croft. Whilst a member of the Croft team returned to get them, we had some lovely food somewhat earlier in the evening than usual, following which Warmingham played a blinder and made up the first three rounds of questions entirely on their own!

Profound thanks must go to Naomi Higson, her family and all the Warmingham team members, especially Adrian and George who asked the questions. This was an unprecedented set of circumstances but handled beautifully!

After three rounds, the real questions landed, and just three round's worth were used, namely:

Current Affairs
Animal Crackers
From the Sublime...

Result-wise, Croft won the day with 51 points, Darnhall and Peckforton & Beeston finishing joint second with 50 points each. 

March 2012 Results