Thursday, 30 May 2013

2012/13 Winners - Upton!

As you can see below, we have a new name on the trophy for the first time in 6 years as Croft's winning run comes to an end. 

Very many congratulations are due to Upton, who finish top of the shop by a healthy margin over Bulkeley & Ridley in second place with North Rode finishing third. 

Your winners for this year, Upton, are pictured below.  

Well done to every team for all their efforts during the season.

Dave Cummerson arranged the prizes for the top 3 teams and I would like to express my thanks to Dave for all his work in sorting out finances and also to Jane O'Connor from Pulford who helped sort out dates / venues etc. 

Roll on 2013/14!

Final Totals 2012/13...

May 2013 - Final Round at Bickerton...

The final game of the 2012/13 season saw us gather at Bickerton Village Hall, thanks to our hosts for the evening Bulkeley & Ridley. 

Finally, there was no snow / ice / rain etc, and it was even daylight for a fair portion of the quiz!

9 out the 10 teams attended with Alvanley being the only team that could not be with us. 

The questions certainly caused a bit of head-scratching amongst my team (our strengths probably sit elsewhere), but they were very good indeed. The usual Current Affairs round was followed by rounds on At the Off-Licence (drinks-related) and The Acid Test (all about acids as you might imagine). 

Following some very nice sandwiches and cakes, the second half questions were The World's Heritage (about World Heritage Sites), Nobility (Nobel Prizes) and Connections (a variety of questions with shipping forecast areas being the connection). 

Ultimately, Croft won on the night with an excellent 50 points out of 60, Bulkeley & Ridley were second with 49 and Upton were third with 48

Many thanks are due to Idina Hastings and all at Bulkeley & Ridley who provided such excellent hospitality and a fun evening out.  

May 2013 Results

April 2013 - Alvanley...

In April, Alvanley Village Hall kindly provided the venue for the quiz. I wasn't able to be present on the night, but all 10 teams playing this year were represented and and excellent evening was had by all. 

Many thanks to Bob Hughes and all at Alvanley for their excellent hospitality.

April 2013 Results

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Standings to end March 2013...

The Cheshire Village Quiz is run on a cumulative points basis, so here are the standings to date after 4 rounds with 2 rounds still to go.

Upton still lead the way with Bulkeley & Ridley remaining second and North Rode moving up to 3rd
We reconvene in Alvanley on Friday 26 April 2013, watch this space for more details...

March 2013 - Warmingham (played at Church Minshull)

Anyone who would like to know when the weather is most likely to be very cold and snowy need do little more than check when the Cheshire Village Quiz is due to be played!

Once again the last two days have seen very variable weather across the county with some areas being very badly affected by the snow and others much less so. Friday's forecasts from a variety of sources were less than conclusive as to what the weather was due to serve up, so the quiz went ahead, and very successfully as it turned out. 

8 out the 10 teams attended. Alvanley had notified that they would not be present sometime before which meant that ultimately just Malpas were not with us at the quiz due to the snow at their location and genuine concerns about getting out from there and home again later. 

Luckily, Church Minshull was remarkably snow-free. Warmingham were our hosts and due to a double booking at Warmingham Village Hall, Church Minshull Village Hall came to the rescue. Another double booking almost occurred, but fortunately the Pilates class was finishing just as we were about to start!

The questions were of a testing standard but very entertaining, kicking off with the now traditional Current Affairs round. Rounds on Animals / Shapes and JB (being the initials of a person who was the answer to the question) followed in the first half. 

Following an excellent supper of various cottage pies (including a vegetarian version) and trifle, the second half questions were Petrolheads (about motor cars etc), Classics (Greek and Roman questions but with a modern connotation) and Twitchers (names of birds being a major feature). 

Ultimately, Upton won on the night with an amazing 58 points out of 60, North Rode were second with 55 and Bulkeley & Ridley were third with 50

Many thanks are due to Naomi Higson and all at Warmingham who provided such excellent hospitality and entertainment. A special mention should be made also of our Question Master and Scorer, Ray and Sue Hill, who did an excellent job and wrapped up the quiz just as the clock turned 9.30pm. An eye was being kept on the weather and Jim Bradley would have been proud of such fine time-keeping. 

Thanks again to Warmingham and see you all next month. 

March 2013 Results

Monday, 25 February 2013

Standings to end February 2013...

The Cheshire Village Quiz is run on a cumulative points basis, so here are the standings to date after 3 rounds with 3 rounds still to go. We lost the January quiz to the weather, so just 6 rounds will be played this season...

Upton lead the way after their storming performance on Friday with Bulkeley & Ridley second and Peckforton & Beeston 3rd
We reconvene in Warmingham on Friday 22 March 2013...

February 2013 - Croft

It seems a long time since there was anything to report on in terms of the Cheshire Village Quiz - and it is! Our last game was way back at the end of November and we don't usually arrange a quiz in December for obvious reasons. 

We had been due to meet in Croft on Friday the 25th of January to resume the contest, but this date turned out to coincide perfectly with most of the North West of England (and well beyond) being covered in a few inches of snow! 

The January quiz was called off at the eleventh hour when it became apparent that whilst teams might have managed to get to Croft, their chances of getting home again afterwards were much slimmer!

Thanks to mobile telecommunications technology, your correspondent was able to cancel everyone for January before they had set off, but obviously not before Croft had made some preparations for the evening, thus we decided that we would have a change of venue for February and North Rode (who were due to host) stood down in favour of Croft so that their previous efforts did not go to waste. 

Croft proved to be excellent hosts and the supper of baked potatoes with a variety of bolognese / chicken curry accompaniments was delicious, as was the crumble and custard to follow. Somewhere along the line the cups of tea were lost, but we won't hold that against anyone, and in my book the provision of custard buys you much credit!

Thanks are due to all the Croft team and associated helpers who made the night possible, including Jean who asked the questions.  

Peter Watson's questions this month included the now traditional 'Current Affairs' round, a round on 'Signature Tunes' or similar and a round to take us all back to school on mathematics, entitled 'Does it all add up?' 

The second half of questions started with a very challenging geography based round where we were asked to identify towns or cities by way of their distance from other places and one additional clue. Some of us had only just managed to get to Croft, so this was by some distance the lowest scoring round of the evening! Upton did very well though with 8 points and I will mention them again later. 

Round 5 was entitled 'What the Dickens' composed of questions about the said Victorian novelist and the last round, 'What's your Game' was all about sport. One or two people were worried that this was not a strong subject for their teams, but this turned out to be the second highest scoring round of the night after 'Current Affairs'. 

When all the scores were added up, Upton had put in a mighty performance. 54 out of 60 cannot be argued with. Croft were second with 48 points and then 4 teams finished with 43, namely Malpas, North Rode, Peckforton & Beeston and Warmingham. 

A very enjoyable evening - and it didn't snow!

February 2013 Results