Sunday, 2 December 2012

Standings to end November 2012...

The Cheshire Village Quiz is run on a cumulative points basis, so here are the standings to date after 2 rounds with 5 rounds still to go...

Bulkeley & Ridley lead the way with 94 points after 2 games with Upton 2nd on 88.5 and Peckforton & Beeston 3rd with 85
All to play for with 5 rounds to go. 
Have a great Christmas and New Year and we reconvene in Croft on Friday 25 January 2013...

November 2012 - Pulford

When settings dates for this season, November proved to be the trickiest month with no offers of a venue until very late in the month, as late as we could possibly have left it in fact!

In the end, Jane O'Connor and Pulford saved the day and organised a venue at Marford Community Centre just over the border into North Wales!

It was a tricky night to change countries due to the ever-increasing cold, frost and fog. Certainly my North Rode team had to set off very early to get there (I think it was still Summer when we left) but the trip was well worth it as North Rode ran out winners on the night with 44.5 points. 

Half points only were allowed for a Nadine Dorries related question as to what subject she wanted to talk about whilst cluttering up the jungle on "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here", the answer given being "Late Term Abortion" with "Abortion" only getting you half!

Upton were only a point behind in 2nd with Peckforton & Beeston 3rd with 42 points. 

Two teams couldn't make it due to previous commitments / weather / motorway congestion etc, they being Warmingham and Croft, so they are both awarded the same score as the lowest scoring team on the night as is usual. 

An excellent supper of baked potatoes with various fillings was provided along with some cakes afterwards in a venue that was happily very warm given the plummeting temperatures outside. 

Many thanks to Jane and all the Pulford team, plus Gill the "Question Mistress" who did a sterling job.

November 2012 Results

October 2012 - Peckforton & Beeston

The season kicked off with an excellent turnout of 9 of this year's 10 teams in attendance. 

After the usual furore of trying to set dates and venues etc - for which Jane O'Connor from Pulford deserves utmost credit - 19 October was best for most teams, albeit not for my own at North Rode where all the team members were committed to a local fundraising event on the same night. That is democracy for you though, so we went ahead on the 19th!

The questions must have been well-received too as it was a high scoring game, with Bulkeley & Ridley winning on the night with a superb 54 points out of a possible 60, with Warmingham in 2nd place scoring 51. Four teams finished in joint 3rd with 45 points, namely Upton, Byley, Malpas and Croft.

As is the rule, North Rode were awarded the same score as the lowest scoring team on the night. 

And so to November...

October 2012 Results

New Season - 2012/13

You will have noticed that many of these posts are being made some considerable time after the event they refer to has taken place. I can only claim that I was busy elsewhere, and what a feeble excuse it is!

I will now try and get things up to date and do my best to keep them that way. I can but try, anyway!

For 2012/13, we lost a couple of teams, at least for this season, due to team members being engaged with other issues and not being able to raise a team on a regular basis. The two teams were Darnhall and Wistaston who we hope to see again in the future. They are of course very welcome to return at any point. 

That means we have 10 teams for the 2012/13 season who are:-

Bulkeley & Ridley
North Rode
Peckforton & Beeston

And so to the first game of the season on 19 October 2012, hosted by Peckforton & Beeston...

2011/12 Winners - Croft!

As you can see below, Croft completed the "double hat-trick" of wins in the Cheshire Village Quiz by winning for the 6th year running. 

This year was as close as it has ever been in my memory (which admittedly doesn't go back as far as some) with Croft beating North Rode in 2nd place by just 3 points over the season with Upton being 12 points behind North Rode in 3rd place. 

Well done to every team for all their efforts during the season. 

Dave Cummerson arranged the prizes for the top 3 teams and also a gift for Peter Watson for his excellent work in setting all the questions, without which we would have a job to play the quiz at all...

All that remained was to do it again in 2012/13...

Final Standings - 2011/12

May 2012 - Bulkeley & Ridley

2011/12 Final Round - 18 May 2012

The final round of the 2011/12 Village Quiz was played at Bickerton Village Hall thanks to the kind auspices of Bulkeley & Ridley on 18 May 2012. Idina - many thanks to you and team for hosting. 

Whilst I again couldn't be there, my own team proved that they do at least as well - if not better! - without me by finishing joint 1st on the Night with Upton, both teams scoring 48 points.